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Mr. Gaurav Sharma is the Director of BNH Infra. He has a vast experience in the field of Infrastructure and Constructions. Starting from an early age he also has diverse experiences in the area of Mining and Trading. He has visited an innumerable number of mines in India and Abroad. He is also exceptionally involved in real estate transactions globally. The truly noteworthy is his venture into health care highlighting his noble and humanitarian choices in life.

He is an etiquette man, focusing on pursuing global network. With self-taught study and research, he has impeccable ideas to grow, to flourish and to attain a reputed name for his company.

With twinkling photons, his ambition is to further contribute reaching the pinnacle of global standards.


Shilpa Basavaraj is the Director of BNH Infra. Shilpa is the granddaughter of highly respected late Mr.B.Nanjappa, who was an Ex-Mayor and Ex-MLA of Shanti Nagar, Bangalore. Inheriting the intellect and leadership qualities, she has achieved a remarkable name in this business industry.

She is also strongly engaged in real estate affairs in foreign lands Developing a greater understanding of different market conditions. She has several self constructed and owned properties in Bangalore. Multiplying her substantial contributions to the society she crusades in establishing a multi-specialty hospital providing advanced services under one roof.

Highly qualified in Finance and an experience crossing over two decades enhances her investment and risk management skills. Shilpa is the linchpin, placing our company in the elite list of principal markets. She has a very smooth flowing balance between work and family making her an inspiration.

She foresights accolades for BNH Infra by providing the best quantity and quality services.